B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering

The admission to the 4-year B. Tech. (Mechanical Engineering) programme is conducted through JEE, Mains. The programme includes a set of core courses together with electives so that the students can specialize their interests and cope up with the needs of trending engineered era.

Ph.D in Mechanical Engineering

The Department offers Ph. D program and the admission process to this program is conducted through an All India Examination conducted by NIT Sikkim itself. This program is solely research based where students can conduct their own work on the trending areas of Mechanical Engineering and its interdisciplinary fields.

Departmental Undergraduate Committee (DUGC) :

1. Dr. Shambhunath Barman (Convenor & HoD)

2. Dr. Ranjan Basak (Convenor DPGC)

3. Dr. Kirti Tewari (Member)

4. Dr. Debajit Saha (Member)

Departmental Postgraduate Committee (DPGC)

1. Dr. Ranjan Basak (Convenor DPGC)

2. Dr. Shambhunath Barman (Convenor DUGC & HoD)

3. Dr. Bibhuti Bhusan Nayak (Member)

4. Dr. Pradip Mondal (Member)

5. Dr. Aurobinda Panda (Nominated by Chairperson Senate)

Academic Performance Evaluation Committee (APEC)

1. Dr. Shambhunath Barman (Convenor & HoD)

2. Faculty Advisors

2nd Year Advisor: Dr. Bibhuti Bhusan Nayak

3rd Year Advisor: Dr. Debajit Saha

4th Year Advisor: Dr. Dipayan Das

3. Dr. Ranjan Basak (Nominated by HoD)

4. Dr. Sukanta Dhar (Nominated by Dean Academic)