Lab-in-charge: Dr. Sudip Banerjee

Course Objective:

The objective of this lab is to get a hands-on knowledge of several workshops like carpentry shop, fitting shop, sheet metal shop, machining shop, welding shop, etc. and learn safety regulations to be maintained in a shop floor. This laboratory is scheduled for 1st and 2nd semester for all engineering students. Apart from curriculum, some additional experimental setups are there which helps the students to enhance their knowledge. Students also get opportunity to implement their ideas through various application oriented micro projects.

Course Outcome:

Upon completion of this laboratory course, students will be able to

Safety rules & unsafe practices:

Remember that “accidents do not occur; they are caused”. With this in mind, strictly follow the general safety rules given below and safe practices indicated in brief under each section.

List of Experiments:

Workshop Practice (1st Year 1st Semester Course for All Department)

Course Co-ordinator: Dr. Sudip Banerjee

  1. To make a single piece pattern
  2. To make a Square fit from the given mild steel piece and make an internal thread of specific diameter
  3. To Make a rectangular Tray as per required dimensions
  4. To make a pin from MS round bar
  5. To study and observe the welding techniques through demonstration and practice.

Carpentry Shop

Fitting Shop

Sheet Metal Shop

Welding Shop

Mechanical Workshop (1st Year 1st Semester Course for ME Department)

Course Co-ordinator: Dr. Uttam Kumar Mohanty

  1. To perform Step turning, facing, taper turning, grooving, knurling and threading operations on center lathe.
  2. To perform drilling, reaming and tapping operations on the given MS plate.
  3. To practice slot milling on milling machine
  4. To perform fine surface grinding operation on a given workpiece.

Machining Science Laboratory (3rd Year 5th Semester Course for ME Department)

Course Co-ordinator: Dr. Dipayan Das

  1. Perform facing, plain turning, step turning, taper turning, knurling, drilling, grooving, parting off, thread cutting, chamfering, and other operations in Lathe.
  2. Milling operations-slot cutting, gear cutting.
  3. Shaping operations- v-slot cutting
  4. Grinding operations - surfacing.
  5. Demonstration of operations in CNC Lathe and Milling machine.


Grinding Machine

Milling Machine

Drilling Machine


Metal Cutting Laboratory (3rd Year 6th Semester Course for ME Department)

Course Co-ordinator: Dr. Dipayan Das

  1. Study of various types of cutting tools and measurement of tool geometry
  2. To Understand the Effect of Chosen Parameters on the type of chip produced
  3. Determination of chip-thickness ratio and shear plane Angle During Machining
  4. To study the Temperature Measurement on chip tool interface
  5. To study and understand the effect of a suitable cutting lubricant
  6. Design a Jig and Fixture for given component
  7. Study of Unconventional Manufacturing Process and simple exercise on metal removal rate.