The purpose of this laboratory is to reinforce and enhance your understanding of the fundamentals of Fluid mechanics and Hydraulic machines. The experiments here are designed to demonstrate the applications of the basic fluid mechanics principles and to provide a more intuitive and physical understanding of the theory.
Laboratory In-Charge: Dr. Debajit Saha
Course Objectives: The course should enable the students to:
1] Enrich the concept of fluid mechanics and hydraulic machines.
2] Demonstrate the classical experiments in fluid mechanics and hydraulic machinery.
3] Correlate various flow measuring devices such as Venturimeter, orifice meter and notches etc.
4] Discuss the performance characteristics of turbines and pumps
Course Outcomes:
1] Understanding of basic physics of fluids.
2] Gaining knowledge to calculate and design engineering applications involving fluid.
3] Understanding of analyzing flow systems in terms of mass, momentum, and energy balance.
4] Having knowledge about current research topics about fluid mechanics.
Course Learning Outcomes: At the end of the course, the student will have the ability to:
1] Calibration of various Flowmeters
2] Determine the Coefficient of discharge for various flow meters
3] Determination of Metacentric Height of a floating body.
4] Calibration of rectangular notch, triangular Notch and Trapezoidal Notch.
5] Determination of friction factor of pipe/channel
7] Verification of Bernoulli’s Principle
8] Perform the test on Pelton wheel turbine
9] Perform the test on Francis turbines
10] Study the Performance characteristics of Centrifugal pump
12] Study the Performance characteristics of Reciprocating pump
List of Experiments:
Fluid Mechanics Laboratory (2nd Year 3rd Semester Course)
1] Verification of Bernoulli’s Theorem
2] Calibration of Venturimeter and determination of coefficient of discharge
3] Calibration of Orifice meter and determination of coefficient of discharge
4] Calibration of Nozzle and determination of coefficient of discharge
5] Measurement of velocity using a pitot tube
6] Calibration of Rotatmeter
7] Studying Reynold’s experiment to visualize laminar-turbulent transition for flow in a tube
8] Determination of Metacentric Height
9] Calibration of Various types of Notches
Fluid Machinery Laboratory (2nd Year 4th Semester Course) 1] Study the working and Constructional Details of a Hydro-electric power plant
2] Impact of Jet
3] Performance Characteristics of Hydraulic Ram
4] Performance Characteristics of Pelton Turbine
5] Performance Characteristics of Francis Turbine
6] Study the performance characteristics of Centrifugal Pump
8] Study the performance characteristics of Reciprocating Pump
Flowmeter Test Rig.
Turbine(pelton and Francis) Test Rig
Bernoulli Principle Demonstrator
Reynolds Apparatus
Hydraulic Flumem Apparatus