Institute Research Scholars

Anwesh Virkunwar
+91 9421866482

Area(s) of Research : Composite Materials, Material Science & Metallurgy, Finite Element Analysis

Research Under :Dr. Shouvik Ghosh, Dr. Ranjan Basak

Prasan Ralph Dewan
+91 9635280464

Area(s) of Research : Advanced machining processes, Composites

Research Under :Dr. Pranab Kr Kundu , Dr. Ranjan Basak

Lakshman R

+91 8089276705

Area(s) of Research : Atmospheric boundary layer, Fluids, CFD, OpenFOAM

Research Under :Dr Ranjan Basak

Saddam Hossain Mullick

+91 9674651908/9564312834

Area(s) of Research : Thermal Analysis, CFD, Natural Convection

Research Under :Dr. Pranab Kumar Kundu, Dr.DebabrataDisGupta, Dr.RanjanBasak

Debayan Mandal
+91 7501755854

Area(s) of Research : Tribological Analysis of Composite Materials

Research Under :Dr. Ranjan Basak

Ved Prakash Mishra
+91 6001847816

Area(s) of Research : Biofuels, IC engine, Thermal Analysis and Waste Heat recovery

Research Under :Dr. Shambhunath Barman

Aditya Kumar Singh
+91 8250728813, +91 8013983967

Area(s) of Research : Biofuels, IC engine.

Research Under :Dr. Shambhunath Barman

Mannu Yadav
+91 8294478833

Area(s) of Research : Investigations on flow over protruding objects, Fused Deposition Modelling, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Dynamics of Vortexes and interactions

Research Under :Dr. Anil Lal S, Dr. Shambhunath Barman

Moumita Roy

Area(s) of Research : Modeling and Simulation of Thermal System / Alternative Fuel

Research Under :Dr. Shambhunath Barman, Dr. Prakash Chandra Roy